Technology in the Classroom

Volume 28, Number 2
March/April 2012

Star Apps Lift Learners Through the Clouds

 Harvard Education Letter


This article really stood out to me because I love using technology with my students.  As an educator in the 21st century, it is my duty to expose my students to different forms of technology that they will use in their lives.  There are so many tools/devices/programs out there and it is easy to become overwhelmed trying to incorporate all of them into lessons.  Plus, access is an issue when you only have a few computer labs and 1 set of iPads for an entire school.

I am a member of my school’s iPad Implementation Team (a team to develop best practices for using our iPad cart with students). Recently I have had my students create “Video Letters” from the Civil War with iPads (we will finish the projects after spring break).  It has been an adventure for all of us!  As often as we are told that our students are digital natives, this concept loses some of its meaning in a high-poverty school where many students do not have access to technology outside of the building. Surprisingly, using  iPads and computers often hinders learning activities because students need so much guidance on proper use of these devices and the programs/apps on them.

Saltman highlighted some key apps and programs for teachers to use with their students. is great because your students (or parents) can sign up for text or email reminders for your class.  The service is free for teachers (standard text rates apply for receiving messages on cell phones), provides a number for teachers to use, and hides the number/email of recipients.  I plan on using it with my students next year.  Middle school students are notorious about forgetting things…

If you are a teacher searching for authentic ways to use technology with your students, this article provides resources that will guide your planning.  I encourage you to check it out and start your own classroom technology adventures!


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