The Londoner: Slutty Brownies

The Londoner: Slutty Brownies.

Just to make sure that the original link is here: 

(Sometimes I’m a little paranoid about citations and making sure to credit others’ work – must be all of the National History Day bibliographies I’ve read over the years.  I was almost tempted to use a MLA citation…almost.)


I stumbled upon the Slutty Brownies recipe on Pinterest and knew that I would have to try it!  These are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth and/or chocolate craving – I promise!

I had initially thought about making the cookie layer and brownie layer from scratch, but decided to take the easy route with box mixes (I may make them from scratch next time).

Here is my set of ingredients:

Ingredients for Slutty Brownies










I made the cookie layer according to the package directions and added a bit of oil and water as the original post suggested.

The First Layer - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough










When I was layering the Oreo Cookies, I realized that I did not have enough to completely cover my pan (I had made Oreo crumbs for another recipe recently), so I added the left-over Oreo crumbs to fill in the gaps.

Oreo Cookies and Oreo Crumbs for the Middle Layer










Next came the brownie layer (made according to box directions).  Time to go in the oven!

All Assembled - Time to Bake!










I baked these brownies for 30 minutes, as the original post suggests.  You may want to bake them a little longer if you want them less “gooey.”  I let mine rest in the pan for about 10 minutes and then I couldn’t wait any longer – I had to cut into them!  The finished product:

The Finished Product - I love the three layers!

These were absolutely AMAZING!

I am already plotting, there is no other word to use since these are so decadent, other variations to this recipe.  One variation will have mini candy bars in the middle instead of the Oreo Cookies.  The other variation that I am considering is using a Chocolate Mint Cookie recipe for the bottom layer, Mint Oreo Cookies for the middle, and the usual Brownie top layer.  As I play with these variations, I will post results – I promise.

*All pictures were taken by me as I baked these brownies.  If you use my pictures, please credit me for them.  Thanks!


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