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About Me

I have recently become a Pinterest junkie and avid blog reader.  As a result, I have been inspired to create a blog chronicling the adventures, mishaps, and successes in my life.  More than anything, this blog is a fun place for me to share a little of my life.

I am a middle school social studies teacher, which should tell you that my work life is a daily adventure.  When I walk into the school, I never know quite exactly what will happen every day.

My husband and I were married four years ago in California and we have a cat named Murphy.  We enjoy golfing, cooking, and traveling together.

When I’m not in my classroom, I am often in my kitchen.  I love to cook and try new recipes.  As of late, I have discovered a love of baking too!  Most of the time, I have successes in the kitchen; however, my mishaps tend to be epic and messy.

I hope that you will join me in my Adventures, Mishaps, and Successes!